bring on the cheese

I have just been cast as Mrs. Darbus, the zany drama teacher, in Blue Moon Production's High School Musical. Rehearsals begin tomorrow with a cast meeting, and the show runs during the first week of April.

How did this happen? As mentioned about a thousand times before, I am in performance withdrawal. I was searching Craigslist for an opportunity to sing, and I came across an advertisement requesting college-aged and adult actors for this production of High School Musical. It had a less stringent rehearsal and performance requirement, so I thought I'd give it a shot, if only to practice my audition technique. Two days after the audition, I was cast.

For the next six weeks, my free time will be devoted to rehearsals. And once the show closes, it'll be time for summer musical auditions. By that point, my free time will be non-existent. Or rather, thrown to the wayside until December.

I'm so happy!

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matthew said...

Yay for no free time!! Congrats!