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My parents are officially moving. They bought a house in Clayton, and I spent most of this afternoon packing up my former bedroom and tossing away the remnants of my adolescent life. In case I'm not already there, I've moved one step closer to being an adult.

This is the final goodbye: school, friends, pups, and now our hometown altogether.


Ratha and I dropped our Spanish class. At the class session after our first midterm, the professor told us both that she would like us to work with people aside from ourselves so that we can "help teach" the other students. We were then paired with some struggling students in the class for conversational exercises, which frustrated me not because I didn't want to help but because I didn't get an opportunity to practice speaking Spanish for the remainder of the class. I had paid to take this class and learn something, after all. Both Ratha and I weighed our options, and we decided that we would be better off dropping the class, learning the material and practicing it ourselves, and devoting three hours of every Monday night to something more productive.

We are much happier now.


I had lunch with a friend last week, and part of our conversation was spent discussing the complications of time within a relationship. She said that singles are lucky to have time all for their own. And I agree. Most of the time, anyway.

Sometimes, it's nice to know that you don't have to spend your time alone.


I celebrated St. Patrick's Day for the first time! Fun times with friends are documented in the photographs below, thanks to Ratha.

Grasshoppers at Brennan's - Bar #1

My first Irish Car Bomb at the Conga Lounge - Bar #2

Green beer, which kind of resembles Jell-O from this vantage point, at Ben and Nick's - Bar #3

Pete's laughing at my foam face

Pete and I calling our sisters, while Bebo laughs

The Pi's at the Kona Club - Bar #4 and last of the evening

4 bars, a couple of drinks, and 6 hours later

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