steam train

steam train chuggin' down the hill
if you don't move now then you never will


I’m busy.

Ha. That’s the understatement of my life.

I can’t remember the last time I was at home for more than two hours on end. I can’t remember the last meal I made from scratch. I can’t remember the last sitcom I watched to kill time. I can’t remember the sound of popular music. I can’t remember the last time I talked to my best friend. I can’t remember the last time I had a moment to myself.

I also can’t remember the last time I felt more energized. Or inspired. Or just plain happy.

God, I love to perform.

It’s interesting spending your days in the company of actors. These are people who are required to wear every possible emotion on their sleeves and call upon them at a moment’s notice. That can lead to dynamic interactions as well as explosive confrontations. It’s a little bit crazy, living life on a stage. But mostly it’s fun, having the opportunity to draw yourself away from the mundane realities of everyday life.

Despite our differences in age, background, and experience, my cast mates and I have been able to quickly and successfully create intimate friendships, many of which I hope will last years from now. It is inspiring to be with people who feel as passionate about storytelling and personal connection as I do. And when I’m with them, I feel like the real me – the one without any insecurity, any judgment, or any fear.

I am dreading the approach of our final curtain call, when the seasons change and I must let go for the sake of my job. Summer is the time of year when I feel most alive; the rest of the year, I’m just waiting.

Four days later, the toner is finally starting to fade. By the time the weekend rolls around, my highlights should be turning heads. And that’s when we’ll get the party started.

A recap on this past month’s news:

playing hooky
I flew down to Southern California for a two-minute Disney Cruise Line audition. There were about 50 people in attendance, and all of us had the opportunity to perform 16 bars of one song. Some who were lucky enough to receive sides stuck around to read lines or perform additional songs for the casting directors. I was not one of those lucky people. But that did not leave me in poor spirits. I knew from the beginning this was a tough shot: the company was looking to create a repertory cast of 18 actors who would perform three shows, which meant that any actor they cast had to meet a stringent set of requirements for not one, but three roles. It was, as the staff said, “a difficult puzzle to piece together.” I was nervous, but knowing that my chances were slim to none, I decided just to enjoy myself. I sang “Waiting for Life” from Once on This Island, and I performed quite well. As I was leaving, the casting director thanked me for auditioning and said, “You have a beautiful voice.” Though I didn’t get invited to call backs, his comment was just as good as if I had been! Typically, the staff leaves you with a curt, “thank you,” and usher you out the door. So all in all, the audition was a fantastic experience.

back to basics
I’m still considering grad school. I’ve requested to have information sent to my home. I hope that seeing it in paper will help me make a decision. But in case I do decide to take that route, I better get a move on my applications. Um, can I seriously handle going back to school?

that's a laugh
Okay friends, before you go and freak out about my Facebook profile, please do me a favor, and (1) think about the company I keep, then (2) check out my latest set of pictures. Let that sink in for a moment… Right. How could you have really thought otherwise?

my passport's in the mail
The family booked a flight to Europe for the second half of December. Dear Lord, this is the vacation I’ve been waiting for. The itinerary: Italy, Spain, and anywhere else we can fit in between. Holler!

One more thing: today’s the day I celebrate one year of employment with Kaiser Permanente’s Educational Theatre Programs. I’m so grown up!

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