the happiest place on earth

Life was getting difficult to manage. So I took a break, called up my friends, hopped in a car, and went to Disneyland for the weekend.


Friday, October 26: Left Sacramento at 5:30 am. Arrived in Alameda at 7:00 am. Left for Glendale at 7:45 am. Arrived in SoCal at 1:00 pm. Continued to Irvine at 2:45 pm. Arrived in Irvine at 5:00 pm. Traveled north to Anaheim at 7:30 pm. Checked into our hotel at 8:00 pm. And this was the first thing I did when we got there.

SoCal = In-N-Out, plain and simple.

Excited for Disneyland!


Free tortillas at the Mission Tortilla Factory in California Adventure.

I'm not that great at shooting games.

Hollywood Backlot. Note the costume change, due to an unexpected snag in my shirt.

We livin' a thug's life.

Splash Mountain, my favorite ride at Disneyland.

At this point, we've been at the parks for nearly 12 hours. We're tired, but happy.

Cinderella memories.

We're All in This Together!

We love roller coasters!

Soaked, cold, exhausted, and all around awesome.

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