Not much to report this week, expect a few key milestones:

(1) New MacBook + Free HP All-in-One Printer/Scanner/Copier + Free iPod Touch = Happy Gina
(2) My bedroom is now painted purple and all my stuff has been put away.

The accent wall

The rest of the room

The finished product

(3) Our living room and kitchen are livable.
(4) All of my school supplies were purchased online and have arrived.
(5) My California Driver's License has been surrendered for a New York Driver's License, and I am now a New York State resident.
(6) My New York Public Library membership is effective as of today.
(7) I was recognized on the street by a co-worker, which means I officially know people in New York.
(8) I found a good Mexican food restaurant, which is saying a lot, coming from California - granted, it's a little bit ghetto, but that's how you know it's hella good.
(9) I have nearly exhausted my moving funds and am now proceeding by living paycheck to paycheck.
(10) My student health insurance begins next month.

That's it! I'm settled in!

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The Gigglepuss said...

Congrats!!!! The room looks awesome!!