I'm blogging from my Musical Showcase tech rehearsal at the moment. Tech rehearsals are always somewhat of a drag. Not that the work isn't important - lighting and set cues and all - but it just takes so long, moving moment by moment through the entire show. I've got a bit of downtime on my hands, so I'm sitting backstage, listening to a dance number getting stopped every so often so that lights can get adjusted. And blogging.

A couple of things have been set into motion since my last emo-post. I got a side gig to earn myself some extra cash in the coming months. I'm now a member of The Newyorkettes, a four-part women's a cappella group that sings 40s and 50s music. I'm glad to be singing a cappella again. While I love musical theatre, I've definitely missed the challenges and intricacies of a cappella singing. My first rehearsal is tomorrow, a five-hour rehearsal covering music and choreography for two songs that will be used to audition for The Sing Off, a new reality show by NBC that pits a cappella groups from across the nation against each other in the hopes of winning a recording contract. It's basically American Idol for a cappella groups. Should be fun, if not profitable. Aside from that, I've scored a job interview with a tutoring agency. I'm hoping to do some part time work after graduating from AMDA to help pay the bills but still allow for time to audition every once in a while, since I don't expect to get a full-time performing job within the next few weeks. I'll also be registering with a temp agency, just in case the tutoring job doesn't work out. Or even if it does, it wouldn't hurt to make the extra money, so long as I can fit it all into my schedule. I've also registered with Central Casting, which casts the background actors in major movies and TV shows. If I can do some background work every now and then, I can earn even more and add credits to my resume. All this is becoming my survival plan, so to speak, and the details are all coming together nicely. What's most important for me is to keep acting and singing as my primary focus. I know that it would be so much easier just to get a full-time job, but if I do that, I know that I'll put my energy into work and making a living for myself, rather than pursuing what I've started at AMDA. I need to give it my all for as long as I can.

Looking at my calendar today, I realized that I'll be turning 25 in about two weeks. Time seems to be flying faster than normal lately. I guess that's how it goes as you get older. I'm not anywhere I thought I'd be at 25, but I don't know whether or not that's a good thing. I assumed I'd be married by now, teaching high school math or music, paying the mortgage on my suburban home, and picking out a dog to adopt. But instead, I'm single, living the dream in New York City, living paycheck to paycheck, and picking out a dog to adopt. Not what I expected, but I definitely wouldn't trade any of it. That's life, I suppose.

My friend Zack says hi. He wanted me to mention him in my blog.

Cathy's coming to visit next week for my Musical Showcase performances. I'm happy to have some contact with home. It hasn't been all that long since I last visited, but I'm feeling out of touch. Maybe it's because I'm so busy trying to get my life in order and prepped for the unknown future that lies ahead of me. A little grounding will do me some good.

Alright. Back on stage, ready for lighting. I'll be sure to post some pictures of next week's shows. Ta ta until then.

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Sylvia said...

Hey gal, I was doing some catch-up reading...give me a call next time you're in CA! I know I'm boring and baby-centric now, but it would still be nice to say "hi" in person! :)