the quarterlife

My 25th birthday was on 09.09.09, and as much as I wish I could say it was an incredible spectacle of a day, the truth is, it kind of came and went just as any other. Of course, the days leading up to my birthday were laden with unbelievable amounts of sheer gluttony, and the big event itself was kind of a funny haze of alcohol. So I guess I can't say it was just like any other day. Regardless, I had a great time, most of which is attributed to my loving friends here in New York City. Below are some photo highlights, which include a Labor Day weekend trip to Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey and happy hour madness.

Sunny day at Six Flags with Rafa, Annie, and Rubria

Photo op with Gotham's hero

We like to dress up

Obviously - the costumes were Rafa's idea

The flying nuns!

Documentary of our trip

Bamboo 52 with Ryan and Zack

Iskritsa, my favorite Bulgarian showgirl

Getting cheeky with Matt

Drew, Annie, and I go way back to our first days at AMDA

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James said...

a belated happy quarter birthday!

LOL to your by-line:
"I often end sentences with the phrase, "does that make sense?" And occassionally, it does[n't]." (in my case...) =P

in my case i don't plan on 100 years...