onward, westward

My life is changing very quickly.


I spent the last two days apartment hunting with Ratha McRatha. As exciting as it will be to finally be on my own for real, I'm getting a little nervous. Am I ready to be a grown up? I'm responsible enough, for sure, but I think my self-confidence and emotional being need a little bit of a boost.

Until I find my own place in the city of K-Land, I'll be crashing at Miguel's. For the next week, come find me in Berkeley and we can play. And if, when we do actually meet up, I seem a little more round in the face, you can attribute it to the flourless brownies from Chez Panisse that Miguel loves to feed me.

God, living with him for the next seven days will surely help me to reclaim my status as Fatty #2, second only to Rafi.


Starting tomorrow, I will hit the ground running. This coming week, I have six AiR gigs, two rehearsals that will mark the beginning of our concert cramming efforts, and five show auditions. Gah, and AiR preliminaries begin this week. I have no idea how I am going to survive. Hugs will certainly be welcomed and appreciated.


I think I may have finally found a name for my Rav4. We'll have to hold the christening ceremony soon.


Random thought for the weekend: Text messages - delightful distraction or unwiedly danger? We'll see where the next couple of days take us.

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