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So much has happened in the last couple of weeks. I always try to avoid blogging about just the ordinary goings-on, but I suppose that in a few months' time, many of these events will prove to be highly significant. Thus, this is intended to be a historical record of my daily life rather than a simple list of things said and done.


March ended in a juxtaposition of low-hanging rain clouds and high-soaring spirits. I fell in love with my Rav4 even more, and a late-night rendezvous reminded me how freakin' cool the Hat Game is.

Is that my counterpart calling?


We've had many talks about relationships. The thriving, the unfullfilling, and the confusing. Relationships are complicated because people are complicated. And as much as we say we want to avoid the heartache, we fear the day we will be without it because we know that in the end, it always feels better knowing you were loved.

Was I ever loved? Have I ever loved? I think I'm too young to know.


When I am under the influence of alcohol, bad ideas seem only mildly offensive and mildly offensive ideas begin to entertain me. Conversely, really really good ideas beyond my own sense of reason seem rational. The result: I act simultaneously stupid and courageous and manage to both embarrass and exalt myself. I hope someday I can find a happy medium.

But I guess that's what you'd call being sober.


12 AiR members on an adrenaline rush singing Freedom is crazy. 12 AiR members plus 20 AiR alumni on an adrenaline rush singing Freedom is sheer madness. And a lot of noise.

I can't wait to be an alumni at the Alumni Mixer.


Summary of my most embarrassing moment to date...
Brian, on the phone with a drunk and 21-year-old Maegan: "What? No, he isn't here..."
Gina, frantically: "Brian, give me the phone."
Brian: "Wait, I'm still talking to Maegan... WHAT???"
Gina, even more frantically: "Brian!"
Brian, laughing to Maegan: "If Gina could blush right now, I bet she would."

I've never blushed so much in my life.


Thursday night's rehearsal was the last time I would ever witness solo auditions for AiR. I consciously made the decision beforehand not to audition for anything and sit and watch my fellow group members perform. As they went up to the front of the room one by one, I could feel my heart swell as I saw how much everyone had grown. And I realized how much something like this can change you. Not just the way you sing or the way you carry yourself on stage, but also how you relate to others and learn to appreciate the unique characteristics people bring and contribute to something you care so much about.

I'm really going to miss this when it's all over.

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