bad to worse

Due to reallocations in our budget, several people in my office are experiencing a reduction of hours, effective at the beginning of the fiscal year on July 1.

This includes me.

I must admit, I am startled by the instability of this field. I've just completed my sixth month of employment, and already, I am experiencing a reduction of work hours. I don't really know how I'll be personally and financially affected by the change, but my supervisor offered some comfort in the fact that with the raise I received in my second month of employment, my reduction in hours will result in a gross income comparable to the one I was initially making when I began the job. I guess that's okay.

I guess.

Truth be told, I am bored to tears whenever I am in the office. So I suppose the less time I spend there, the better it is for my own sanity. Moreover, since other employees are having their hours reduced more than I am, I'll have to pick up some of their responsibilities to maintain the administrative team operations. That means I'll finally have something to do.

My fingers are still crossed - very tightly - for the job I interviewed for last week. With all that I've been through in the past month, I feel like I deserve some sort of compensation.


I recently found out my two miniature poodles have become deaf.

They're 14 years old.

Whenever I come home to Antioch, I spend a lot of time with them. They can't hear me anymore, but I still sing the songs that made them happy when we were all so much younger. I do it for them, but more than that, I do it for me.


He fell back into my life because of an unforeseen circumstance. And though I know it's not right, I find myself wanting to be with him all over again.

It's easier to seek comfort in his empty promises than to wait and see if you could be the real thing. That's why I'm willing to give you up and give him a chance. My heart can't break if I don't let it.

Story of my fucking life.

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Danielle said...

have i really not talked to you in this long?! What is going on in your life?!