morals of the story

Two good friends and a couple shots of tequila make for an amazing pre-party.

I'm proud of my chickies. They should be too.

I might have gotten over it, but that doesn't mean I've forgotten.

I am officially a groupie. I don't believe he understands the magnitude of my admiration.

Seriously, being on stage is the most incredible feeling in the world. Seriously.

Being not too old and not too young is the perfect place to be.


I think I've reached a whole new level of performing. It's called, "bullshitting your way through a gig that isn't yours."

I'm more angry at my non-friends than I am at my actual friends. That's always a good thing.

Things I've learned from being in a sorority: how to network, how to charm, how to handle your alcohol, and how to take care of those who are clueless when it comes to their own limitations.

Please don't pretend like you understand my grief, especially when you admit so from the beginning.

And please don't invade my personal space.


That dress is a winner.

Even after 15 years of performing experience, there is still so much more to learn.

I struck gold when I accepted that role.

Despite the fact that this may be fleeting, I believe I have found a genuine group of friends.


And as a side note: Happy Birthday, Angelina! Party it up with the angels. We're wishing you all the best down here on Earth.

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matthew said...

hmm... morals of what story? tell us more! :P