somber endings

My parents put Precious up for adoption. She had been staying with my grandma so that she could have more face time than she did with my parents, but my grandma is not equipped to care for an ailing dog. She recently injured herself when she didn't notice Precious skidding along beside her. Aside from that, she doesn't have the energy to keep up with her, so she had been keeping Precious confined to certain areas of the house. We've come to realize that she needs more than we can offer her. My dad took her to the animal shelter a few days ago, and he says that from the minute he walked in the door, people were fawning over her. She is great with people and makes a wonderful and loyal companion. And as heartbroken as it makes me feel, I understand that this is what is right. She will be with a family that can provide her with all she needs, and she will do the same for them. Come Christmas, I'm certain she will be gone from our lives forever.

And with her go the last vestiges of my childhood. Everything I once had to remind me of it has since disappeared, moved on, or grown up.

Goodbye 12, goodbye 13. Hello love?


2007 can't come soon enough. This year has officially been the worst of my life.

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