ring in the new

The year is already turning out to be better than expected. The 48 hours spent with my family were enjoyable, and Disneyland wasn't the annoyance that it was last year. The eve of 2006 proved far more pitiful, dampened by a downpour of rain and intolerable crowds. This year, we knew to stay away from the park's most congested areas and were able to take in the holiday sights and sounds much better thanks to the mild Southern California weather.

The family

Feels like being a little kid again

With Pooh Bear in Critter Country

There's a monster on my head

As we waited for the fireworks to appear, my sister and I convinced our mom to join our interpretive dancing to the latest set of kids' pop hits that played over the loudspeakers. My dad walked around and captured the evening on his digital camera. When the clock struck midnight, there was a myriad of yells and cheers, and my family and I jumped to the sound of "Auld Lang Syne," a tradition of ours that states jumping at the beginning of the new year promotes growth and prosperity in the year to come.

I'm determined to make this year better than the last. So far, so good. So here goes.


matthew said...

Happy New Year!!!

Sad, I couldn't figure out what "Auld Lang Syne" until I looked it up. I wonder how many people even know what the words are to the song!

Nathan said...

hi gina! if i can comment, does that mean i have a blogspot account? how do i know how to access it? just wanted to say hey! ooh and xmas really nailed me in the ass (not the good way), but i'm gonna get the $$$ and we will resume our musical education experience. BYE!