my year of change

2008 has been, by far, the most dynamic and important year of my life. Looking back, I still cannot fathom how I got to be so lucky as to experience such wonderful and life-changing things, meet such kind-hearted and inspiring people, and learn so much about myself. The following probably cannot do this amazing year any justice, but I need to record a set of reminders to celebrate all the great things I managed to accomplish and to keep myself focused in the year to come. For while I've gotten so far, there is still much further to go.
  • New York City. Enough said.
  • Making new friends from scratch.
  • Surviving broker's fees, restaurant jobs, humidity, cockroaches, bed bugs, and snow.
  • Fulfilling my lifelong dream of attending a conservatory and seeing everything else fall into place.
  • Fighting for myself in a competitive environment, leading to belief in my abilities and self-worth.
  • Finding out who my real friends and family are.
  • Keeping in touch with them and, consequently, myself.
  • Saving money. Losing money. Realizing that money doesn't really matter to me.
  • Expressing my creativity in all sorts of ways.
  • Music. Music. Music.
  • Voting for the first black president of the United States.
  • Being blessed with the insight that everything is a blessing.
  • Falling for a boy. Getting hurt by that boy. Finally understanding that I was never to blame, for his mistakes or all the others made by boys that came before him.
  • And most importantly, being completely, utterly, and unapologetically happy.
As the hours draw closer to 2009 here in the Big Apple, I have a few goals in mind. The ultimate resolution: live it up! And that I shall.
  • Lose weight. I suppose this should always just be a given.
  • Secure a professional acting job.
  • Recruit members to Team AlphaBar, New York Chapter, and complete the illustrious alphabetic bar crawl.
  • Reinstate Something New Sundays.
  • Continue to "put myself out there."
  • Find Ted Mosby. Well, one can dream.
  • Travel to a place I have never been, preferably outside the United States, but I think that will be determined by the job I hope to have by the end of the year.
That's a good start to the new year.

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