My life has changed so dramatically in a matter of days. Here's a quick run down:

1) I booked two singing gigs. The first is a cabaret show that takes place next Friday at the Broadway Comedy Club, and the second is a benefit/fundraiser that is happening at the end of January.
2) My website is up and running at ginagloria.com.
3) I got a job promotion. I am currently training to be the Catering Manager at Havana Central - Union Square. I'm also working under the corporate Catering and Special Events Manager at our Times Square location at the moment, in addition to still working my Catering Assistant position hosting parties at our West End location in the evenings. Needless to say, I'm working a lot.
4) I have decided to take an indefinite break from auditioning. Most of this comes from having to be at work all the time, but part of this also goes from the ongoing debate I have with myself in regards to whether or not I actually want to pursue acting.
5) My sister is coming to visit in two weeks. During that time, I will, along with the help of all my friends in New York, desperately try to convince her to move here next summer.
6) I have made a handful of fantastic new friends, thanks to work. I get the feeling that some of them may soon play very important roles in my life.
7) I am not going home for the holidays, and it looks like I may not go home in the months following them either. I Skyped with the family last night for Thanksgiving - our first video conferenced family gathering - and it was a blast and a half. I'm blessed to have a family that cares so deeply for me.

Updates to follow, as soon things fall into place.

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