review and renew

As this notable year comes to a close, I can't help but be amazed by the amount of change and growth that has happened. Ratha and I strive to give each year a theme, and this past one's was "2009: Live it Up!" Let's see if we accomplished that goal.
  • My first act of 2009 was one of forgiveness. Off to a good start.
  • Starting and finishing Third Semester at AMDA. For those who've never done it, it's one hell of a ride.
  • Michelle's bachelorette party in Las Vegas planned by Danielle and myself. Over indulgence? For sure.
  • California in the summer. Almost as good as California in the fall.
  • Cathy's college graduation!
  • First professional audition: National Tour of Avenue Q. Scored two call backs for the role of Christmas Eve. Many more auditions - and call backs - quickly followed.
  • Building amazing friendships with two inspiring people who have already changed my life.
  • Quarter Life Crisis. More like Quarter Life Celebration!
  • AMDA Graduation - "Kiss today goodbye..."
  • Post-school job at Havana Central. Truth is, I love that place.
  • Booked my first acting job, an Off-Broadway show, which I eventually ended up dropping out of.
  • Sang in my first cabaret. Will certainly be doing more of that in the future.
  • Job promotion offered. Job promotion declined because...
I'd say I did pretty well, overall.

And now, "2010: Legendary!" So far, it's gearing up to be the best year yet.
  • California in winter. Not as pretty as California in spring. But it will do.
  • Moving to, living in, and working and earning EMC points in Miami, February 8-April 5.
  • Mexico in April.
  • Moving back to New York City and into a new apartment late April/early May.
  • Back to survival jobs and open calls.
All that before the summer? Yeah!

Finally, my annual resolutions.
  • Lose 15 pounds by March 3, opening night of Miss Saigon. I'm fairly satisfied with my current weight, but if I have to traipse around in a bikini on stage seven shows a week, what I've got ain't gonna cut it. I'm easing up on the grub and hitting the gym as often as I can.
  • Travel some place I've never been - a continuation of my former lifelong resolution. I didn't actually go anywhere new in 2009, so Miami and Mexico are making up for it.
  • Go to church more often. I've been so incredibly blessed during my time in New York. Thanks are long overdue.
  • Read all the books in my bookshelf. Because sadly, I haven't.
  • Blog more! I feel like this time of my life is the start of something wonderful, and I want to remember it all someday.
It IS going to be legen - wait for it - DARY! Blogosphere five!

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