two years strong

Today is my two year anniversary with New York City. I can easily say, with utter certainty, that these past two years have been the most challenging I have ever been through. There were so many obstacles to face: broker's fees, dumb-ass managers, train delays, unpredictable weather, unpredictable boys, bed bugs, losing money, ceiling leaks, losing more money, being swindled, illegal subletting, not eating because of having lost so much money. But in contrast to those obstacles were the successes: graduating from AMDA, standing up for myself, free theater in Central Park, free concerts at Rockefeller Center, meeting a handful of incredible, inspiring, and genuine people, losing weight, growing up, getting my dream job once, getting my dream job twice, finding ways to keep living the dream.

Despite all the adversity I have faced in the last two years, I have experienced such great joy. I have done the things I once thought were impossible for me to do, and I have emerged from it all standing tall, ready to face the next challenge. It is a great accomplishment in itself that I am still living here and trudging on. And I've learned so many important lessons, the greatest being that I am a person of value. Every time New York picked a fight, I've fought back hard. While I may be a little worn for the wear, I'm still winning, and that's what counts.

I don't know how much longer this love affair will last. Maybe a few more years, or maybe just a few more months. Who knows where my life will take me? But no matter what happens, I know that every second I have spent in this tough metropolitan will have been worth a lifetime of experience.

New York, I love you. For better and for worse.

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