bahama breeze

I'm happy to announce that I finally received my ship assignment! On November 7, I will be joining the Carnival Cruise Line's Sensation as a vocalist, sailing between Orlando and the Bahamas, through May 2011. I'm really looking forward to spending the next six months in tropical paradise and escaping my second winter of the year. Geez Louise, I'm so spoiled.

I'm also grateful for the time I'll have to really meditate and figure out what I want to do with my life after those six months are over. As cool as it sounds to be cruising for six months, the flip side is that without phone, Internet, or TV service, or any real time off the ship (I work 3- and 4-day cruises back to back with little time stateside), I'll essentially be living in isolation. But I'm counting my blessings and am taking this as an opportunity to reflect and asses my emotions about the state of my career and, potentially, the beginning of a new chapter of my life.

I've constantly been mulling over my options during the last few days, and I'm starting to feel bad for my friends because it seems like all I ever talk about now is whether I should return to New York or stay at home in the Bay Area next summer. So I apologize to those who have been at the receiving end of my rants. Please know that I place an incredible value on your opinions, and I treasure every bit of advice you throw at me, even if it's the things I don't want to hear. I've come up with some more ideas and options for myself, and most of the time, it can be incredibly overwhelming. I think the time alone will do me good.

But aside from that, I really am exciting to be cruising. After all, it is definitely a career goal of mine, and I can't wait to be traveling once again. Oh God, and that beautiful Caribbean ocean. I hear paradise calling!

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