decision dice

Living at home means that you often have nothing to do. Living at home while all your friends are on Spring Break means that you have absolutely nothing to do. Such is the case for Danielle and me.

It took us half an hour to decide we wanted to go to Barnes and Noble. The largest contributing factors to that decision were (a) we weren't hungry so going out to eat would be pointless and a waste of money and (b) we went to Target the night before. (This is truly the story of my home life.) I pulled on the first pair of jeans I saw hanging in my closet, adorned my feet with the fuzzy socks my sister got me for Christmas, and threw on my AOII sweatshirt, which I haven't worn in almost a year, since the Cal Alumni sweatshirt I usually lounge around in was currently spinning in the wash.

We perused the isles, pausing whenever something caught our interest. Travel books detailing the world's most fantastic and exotic locations. Cookbooks providing secrets to low-calorie, low-fat delectables. Biographies revealing the rags to riches stories of countless celebrities. And, my personal favorite, the bargain book section.

Scanning the shelves and tables for anything worth the $10 I was carrying in my wallet, my eyes fell upon a red and white cardboard construction: The Decision Dice. I was intrigued, enthralled, and curious. Clearly an upgraded version of my childhood Magic 8 Ball, I examined the small box I held in my hands and wondered how many people in the world actually believed in the magical capabilities of the three colored dice that box contained. I admitted to myself that sometimes, I could be counted in that population. The consequences of any decision can be far reaching and far worse than you had intended, and who wouldn't want to take a step back from that responsibility every so often?

I flipped the box over and caught a glimpse of a big red 50% off sticker, knocking the price down to a mere $5. Woah, I thought, $5 to have all my decisions made for me? I looked over at Danielle and said, "I think I should by this." She responded, "Why? Because you have a hard time making decisions?"


Two minutes and two more box examinations later, I muttered, "I can't decide if I really want to buy this."

Laughter ensued.


For the curious, I left the store an hour later, empty handed and with the decision to keep my money in my wallet.

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