old, new, borrowed, blue

I had my first rehearsal with Rapid Transit today. We were supposed to be auditioning for a vocal percussionist today, but two auditionees dropped before the audition (one of whom was Miguel, who decided work would be too much of a conflict) and the remaining two did not show or offer any explanation why they were not present. So instead of auditioning, I learned close to half of the group's small repertoire. It was difficult not having accurate sheet music; most of which was on paper was handwritten, hard to read, and nothing like what the group sang in performance. People were not referred to as parts but rather as syllables (for example, "you sing the ja da's" as opposed to "you sing the alto line"), and most parts simply repeated a four-bar phrase for the entirety of an arrangement. Blending didn't seem like a top priority, but perhaps we'll get to that in a later rehearsal.

I found myself biting my tongue a lot. I didn't want to be THAT GIRL, you know: the one who's been singing forever so she thinks she knows everything there is to know about singing and everyone should listen to her because of that simple fact. There were lots of mini organizational crises that could have easily been remedied with some AiR tactics, but I kept my mouth shut. Well, for the most part. This is a new place, and the old me will have to get used to it. I am the newbie, in many senses of the word (I am the youngest group member - though my singing experience, when written on paper, led the Assistant Music Director to believe I had to be at least in my early 30s). I have to keep myself in place.

The cool thing - I hit a high C with supreme ease. Yeah for range expansion!


I love love LOVE my new job! I've learned a lot about Educational Theatre Programs in the last two days, and in that short amount of time, I began to see what my role would be as a part of the division. I was assigned my own show - PEACE Signs, which focuses on violence prevention and conflict resolution - and I am responsible for contacting schools, booking performances, and handling all the logistical components in between. In addition to my regular workload, I have been invited to join a the domestic violence task force at Kaiser, a combination of select divisions of the corporation, and help plan for an employee-directed fair. The responsibility is piling up, and I love it.

I got to watch a script analysis today, executed by the actors of my assigned show, and while it was happening, I thought to myself, "I should always feel this happy when I come to work. And if I stay here, I think I will."

It also helps that I have ridiculously amazing employee benefits.

Over the next few weeks, I'll have the opportunity to learn more about my job and attend trainings that will help me become a better public affairs representative. In about a month, I will be giving my first presentation to my acting troupe. So exciting.

The great thing is, as I learn about Kaiser and my co-workers, there are more opportunities for me to ask and answer questions. The more I inquire, the more people want to know about me. Within my first two days, word has gotten around that I really like to play around with graphic design, and it's been suggested that I work with the leadership team to redesign the department newsletter and help update a few things on the website. I also let slip today that I have spent many years in vocal performance training, and one of my co-workers suggested that I see if I can help coach some of the actors in singing, all of whom are required to sing in their performances but many of whom have never sang before. That would be an amazing opportunity for personal growth, and I'm really considering looking into it.

This, friends, is what real life should be like.


McRatha is in the process of reading the Harry Potter series. She just borrowed #4 from me and is well on her way to better acquainting herself with the trials and triumphs of the boy who lived.

I borrowed this idea from Star 101.3's nighttime talk show to start a gratitude journal. It's supposed to help me find happiness by documenting the things that make me happy. We'll see how it goes.


I really need to wash my car. Lucy's Pacific Blue Metallic is starting to look more like Atlantic Blue Tarnish. Meh.

I am totally going to burn a CD with the "I Love Lucy" theme song and play it anytime I roll up to a friend's house. How awesome would that be?

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