is it may already?

The month of summer musical auditions has finally come to an end, and here I am, just waiting for final casting notices. And nursing a sore hamstring from dance call backs. My fingers are crossed for something - anything, really. I didn't get into any Woodminster shows. I'm okay with that. From the audition, I could tell the company was way beyond my league. Not really my style, either. My DLOC audition was okay; it's really up to the casting directors at this point. The ACLO auditions were better than average, though I'm seriously kicking myself for blanking out on both dance routines. It's over now, I have to keep reminding myself. All there is left to do is wait.

I'm hoping beyond all hope that I get cast in a show. Since High School Musical ended, I've been feeling blue. Despite the fact that most things in my life are going well, I can't fight off the sadness. Nick pointed out that for me, the measurement of my own happiness is not the issue. Performing is, simply put, the air I breathe. And right now, I'm very close to suffocating.


My parents' new house is lovely. Nestled in the quaint foothills of Mt. Diablo, it is my parents' quintessential home. My favorite part is the back yard, which includes a natural water pool (no chlorine!), beautiful landscaping, and actual redwood trees. I'm looking forward to spending summers by the poolside. I'm also glad to be rid of the wretched commute home on Highway 4. Woo!


As of next Monday, I will be an Oakland resident of one year. Having lived in the Bay Area all my life, Oakland was actually one of the last places I pictured myself living. Who knew it would turn out to be so much fun? Hopefully we can have a repeat of last summer's barbecue party bonanza. Because really, that was one kick ass party.


Album of the week: P!nk's I'm Not Dead. Hella good!

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