Now that I don't have school, for the moment, and a job, I have been so incredibly bored. The days move forward like molasses, and I can't find enough to keep me occupied during the day. I have slept more in the last four days than I have in the last four months, and I've watched so much TV, I swear I'm turning into a potato. Thankfully, with my lack of physical activity, I've managed not to scarf down too much food. Surprised myself there, since I have this awful tendency to eat when I'm bored. The terrible thing is that when I don't have anything to do, my propensity toward procrastination, which is usually close to non-existent, dramatically increases. So I haven't yet started working on my first song for second semester, due the first day of class. Well, that's not entirely true; I've learned and memorized the song and did all my preliminary research. It's just the paperwork I've been procrastinating on. Hopefully I'll get it all done soon.

I'm approaching the end of my sixth month here in New York, and my circle of friends is increasing. The funny thing is, I never expected to have people I could count on this early in the game. But while I wait for school to start again and spend my days here in solitude, I realize that the people I've met and befriended in the last few months mean more to me than I could have possibly imagined and certainly more than I could have hoped for. That makes me so happy. It makes me feel like this is where I belong if it all came so easily. And that's the truth of it all: when it's right, it's easy.

So far, so slow, so not much of an update. More to come as my second semester begins.

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