the next great adventure

Well, I gave the VLogs a try. I realized that I just don't have the patience to put them together. Or a variety of footage. Also, I feel a little narcissistic doing them; sitting in front of a computer talking about what I've done all week feels pompous and a little bit awkward. So back to text I go.

The 70s Show opened a few weeks ago and was well received. Low ticket sales often result in the canceling of shows, so often, we only do three shows a week. A lot of free time means a lot of movie watching, restaurant visiting, and P90X exercising, all of which are going well.

The 70s Show: Act I Costumes

The 70s Show: Act II Costumes

I've also been going on a bunch of auditions lately, and I was fortunate enough to score my next acting job. I'll be relocating to Ft. Lauderdale in October to be a resident company member with Laffing Matterz Dinner Theater. I'll be performing original political satire music revues, and it'll be nice to have the opportunity to work on new material and create original characters. In the mean time, I'll be finishing up work here in Ft. Myers, going to New York for a week to hang out, perform in a cabaret with some friends, move all my stuff out of storage, then take an extended break back home.

The job in Ft. Lauderdale can last up to eight months, so it's nice to have a feeling of security, at least for a while. I'll still be auditioning for things here and there and will continue to look for the next great adventure. I've been considering relocating to Southern California after that contract is finished, giving me the opportunity to plant some roots closer to my family and friends while still having access to a thriving theater community. But we'll see where the following months take me.

Hopefully good fortune will continue to come my way. I really do appreciate and enjoy it.

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