i left my heart there too

We stood together and looked out at the sunshine. Peering towards the west, we decided to embark upon an adventure because it was warm, because we had the day free, and because we wanted to keep each other company. So we hopped in my Rav4, pulled out some toll fare, and drove into The City. It was a day like this, almost a year ago, that I secured three friendships: one of which has extended halfway across the world, another that has redefined my perception of integrity, and the third, one of my own greatest blessings. I wondered what lay in store for my friend and me today.

Brian and I spent the day in San Francisco without an agenda, placing our faith in the street signs that adorned every other street corner. A wrong turn down Stockton put us in the midst of Sunday afternoon shopping in Chinatown, an exciting detour as we made our way towards Coit Tower. The view from the top was as breathtaking as it was on my first visit, four years ago.

My Rav4 fought against gravity and forced its way up the hills to the Cable Car Museum, where Brian and I took an impromptu 15-minute self-guided tour. My love for San Francisco grew even more, as I studied one of its most characteristic attributes in detail for the first time in my life.

With about an hour until our scheduled return to Berkeley for rehearsal, we opted for dinner in the Marina district, one of my favorite districts to visit because of its grandiose architecture and vibrant colors. We turned onto Bay Street, and I smiled as the Golden Gate Bridge loomed ahead of us.

Driving back towards the East Bay, I felt more at ease than I have in quite some time. The spontaneity of our outing helped to restore my sanity and reminded me that every so often, I should allow myself some breathing room.

As much as I might say otherwise, San Francisco really is my favorite place in the world.

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