boo bash

The Halloween party went well, desipte the complications - housemates MIA, low attendance, broken glass, locked doors. It really was not as bad as it seems. The decorations were stunning (if I say so myself) and a good time was had by all. There isn't much more to say, so I'll let the pictures do the talking.

The decor

Roommates: Me, as a Hogwarts student; Joe, as a Ninja Turtle in disguise; and Ratha, as a goddess

Rosette gives our shots her blessing

Group shot

The entertainment of the evening: Pete, playing DDR in a tutu

Matt, as an Asian Austin Powers (thanks to the fake gross teeth), and me, either slightly intrigued or highly skeptical

Rosette "I'm a 70's Superstar" Diaz, Nathan "It's Not Halloween Unless Someone Dresses in Drag" Rossi, and Michael "This IS My Costume" Pourshalimi

The Pi's: Ratha, Kendra, and me

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MattK (Section 2) said...

haha, i'm not sure which is scarier... the buck teeth and long hair I'm wearing, or the slightly interested look on your face in regaurds to the long hair and buck teeth!

Great party Gina... thanks for the fun!